onsdag 8 oktober 2008

Client team at full strength

I have now finally received the NDA from Brent, aka Teslas. The client team now consists of 8 people and is at full strength which feels very good.

I'm at work fixing a few bugs and restarting for maintenance but I thought I'd show you what I am facing this afternoon:

I have to get this done by the weekend. The cottage we borrow is getting cold:)
I made a lot of progress tearing down things yesterday though. This is how it looked then:

No place for a ten months old. Actually it was a pretty ugly kitchen even before, not suited for a thirty-eight year old either.

A you can see there used to be a wall in the middle of the room where the door is. It took forever for the hired guys to tear it down. We also discovered the surprise pipe for the radiators in the wall just in front of the door so we had to call the plumber.
I've never renovated a kitchen before and even though I'm not young anymore I can feel the adult points ticking in as I detach the stove fan, figure out how to turn off the water and move the sink, or drill a hole in the concrete to the basement. No wonder those carpenter guys got their children ten years before me.

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