fredag 13 mars 2009

Mount code coming together

Yesterday afternoon I finally got the riding synchronized and the speeds are pretty good now so now I can move on to equipment.

You can add a saddle, bridle, (and horseshoes to horses) and your mount will move a bit faster. This equipment side could be made very intricate using all sorts of equipment and requiring horse grooming equipment etc, but that would just make it a hassle to ride.

Some equipment used as a bonus is good because you can ride without it and it will add to the economy.
We'll probably see these changes coming in a week or two.

The big discussion now is about the survival of HOTS because of dwindling numbers. We'll see how many players stick around until I can make the kingdom work properly.

Player of the week is Phennexion who wrote about his experiences with trying to play HOTS in a very good way and also came to say goodbye in irc afterwards.

Team member of the week is our lead designer Mortimar. He's been under a lot of pressure these last months with work and studies but is rounding up his team for a push. Good luck with that and everything else Mortimar!