fredag 13 mars 2009

Mount code coming together

Yesterday afternoon I finally got the riding synchronized and the speeds are pretty good now so now I can move on to equipment.

You can add a saddle, bridle, (and horseshoes to horses) and your mount will move a bit faster. This equipment side could be made very intricate using all sorts of equipment and requiring horse grooming equipment etc, but that would just make it a hassle to ride.

Some equipment used as a bonus is good because you can ride without it and it will add to the economy.
We'll probably see these changes coming in a week or two.

The big discussion now is about the survival of HOTS because of dwindling numbers. We'll see how many players stick around until I can make the kingdom work properly.

Player of the week is Phennexion who wrote about his experiences with trying to play HOTS in a very good way and also came to say goodbye in irc afterwards.

Team member of the week is our lead designer Mortimar. He's been under a lot of pressure these last months with work and studies but is rounding up his team for a push. Good luck with that and everything else Mortimar!

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Anonym sa...

How do you feel that thanks to your latest update (raiding), some of your customers are now being griefed so much that they simply don't want to play any more?
I assume this wasn't the result that you had envisioned, but it is nonetheless still the result, what do you plan to do to protect your customers on the home servers from such immature behaviour?

[quote author=lisjoan link=topic=16263.msg152049#msg152049 date=1237733222]
8 month of fun. - It took less than an hour to destroy.


I really hope you had your fun. My fun is over. I just wonder what you will destroy when we are all gone.[/size]


Unknown sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Unknown sa...

Hej Rolf, Som du ser så är hälften emot sitt beslut. Men vi är många som också stannar kvar och ser hur det utvecklas, jag och NL är en av dom. Så stå på dig Rolf. Det här kommer att gå bra.

/Robert (Robfox)

Anonym sa...

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