fredag 27 februari 2009

Interesting week

Well, this one was interesting.

Darkfall released. I have been looking forward to it very much and honestly I've been pretty nervous about loosing a lot of customers to it. It seems that it will not be that bad.

The launch received a lot of criticism and I read that there is a lack of content. Someone claimed that it basically is all about running around killing anyone in sight and that it becomes pretty boring quickly. Now I am sure that is not the whole truth but it probably doesn't have all that jazz that they promised. This is good for us Wurmers I believe but I find it kind of sad that every MMO release seems to hold less than it promises.

I know far too well about post launch issues myself and can only gasp at the humongous task they have of debugging the game now with real players.

One discussion in the forums that I heard a lot about was the Nickromancer case. I removed the skills he received for the second time of becoming a Champion, as well as added a death so that he has as many as he had before the suiciding. Some people will still think that it is unfair. Things are never fair. A bug was involved that should have prevented the last suicide in the first place and a lot of people was upset so I decided to use the bug as an excuse to revive him. I am sure there is some way to hunt him down properly if you really want him permadead.

I do know that I don't want Vynora priests to live among the Hots like Nickromancer does so something will be done about that.

Another discussion was of course the MR region creature spawns on wild. It turns out that they actually do have a lot less spawns in their area. This could be because players destroy those spawns but from what I could see in the logs fewer spawns actually managed to spawn there as well. The numbers are too low to be statistically valid though and in the next update I have updated the spawn rates overall.

I have been busy coding new bugs. We are currently testing mounts and carts on the test server. I threw in a breeding system with traits as well. Wollschaf who has written great test reports thinks that horse breeding has the potential of becoming greater than boats in Wurm. But that is of course until swimming is made harder so that boats become essential for traversing large water masses.

Anyways, the player of the week is Wollschaf and the team member of the week is Eir. She just springs to mind. I think she said hello and goodbye in irc and it is always nice. Besides you all know she rules!

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