söndag 11 januari 2009

You're not Anonymous here

As most of you who read this blog probably are aware Wurm was recently discovered by a large internet forum known as 4chan.org. They seem to be a rowdy bunch who don't refrain from using strong language but they deserve a hearty welcome! We have received a lot of energy from them and a lot of them go premium so they really support development.

I must thank my team members for helping them settle in and get accustomed to our culture. I am sure a lot of you have spent long hours and had your share of headaches in the process.

Most of you new arrivals have already settled in but I thought I'd give my view on the matter as well. As you may realize using profane language in the public channels in Wurm is about as Anonymous as talking like that to your neighbours. Wurm is designed to be a place where you become someone so anonymity looses its role here.

I have created some instructions for you here where I personally interact with the community and show the basics of Wurm discussion.

2 kommentarer:

Alexander sa...

hej jag heter rolf och jag är en skojjare


Andrew sa...

The problem is, now that they came (I really appreciate them coming and all, and am always willing to help a newbie) I can't get on the servers because of the new limit you had to impose. I understand, how hard it is for you, but with all these new premium players maybe you can afford to upgrade the servers so those of us still deciding whether or not to go premium can actually get the chance to play.