lördag 29 november 2008

Christmas approaching

We christmas decorated at home today and even though the snow is gone again it's very cosy now. I want to figure out some good gift for all Wurmers this christmas. As usual only premium players will receive it since otherwise people will create free accounts just to get the gift.

I'm waiting for Joss/Gurubear to comment on the new soundscape in the test client. Zcul visited the office yesterday and said that the game was very different with some nice ambient sounds. The music won't be on all the time but instead play now and then, and I've had a few interesting moments where Joss' music starts playing at times where it creates a very special feeling.

The team member of the week this week is Dashiva. He makes so many updates to the client that I go dizzy.

This weeks Player of the week is Swedishphoenix! He put me in his top 5 players list in the forums! Apart from that he's always been helpful and writes about Wurm in a very good way in other forums for which I am very happy.

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Food Lovers Diary sa...

Guru Bear was last seen throwing high carbohydrate food at a turkey while listening to sound test.

And very nice it is too!