fredag 21 november 2008

Week summary

This week ended in a nice way. These last hours I got footsteps working in the client again (not the version you use but the development version) and the ambient sound system that I've been working on seems to be taking shape as well.

There has been some progress in other areas this week as well, especially when it comes to some old bugs that were taken care of.

I'd like to appoint the player of the week this week to Posteh, who returned to Wurm after waiting for several months for a working Macintosh version of the client.

Kilean receives the Team Member of the week because he made the client more compatible with linux and I suspect that was the reason that it started working on Mac again as well.

Enjoy the weekend. I really start to see the end of the sound development and this means that hopefully mid next week I can move on to more server coding!

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