onsdag 12 november 2008


Been having a cough and a slight fever in the evenings and mornings. Tried to sleep it away yesterday and it helped a bit.

Today I appointed Kilean as the new Client Team Coordinator. His main responsibility will be to keep track of what everyone is doing, making sure that there are no overlaps. Thanks a lot for accepting this responsibility Kilean!

Also Pidgeon has replaced Teslas in the team. Pidgeon is an irc operator for heavenlyplace.org, where we keep the #wurm irc channel. He's been around for ages and even though he specializes in C# I am happy to have him on the team.

Development wise I am starting to see a pattern now after several years:
Mondays: panic bugs and issues from the weekend or ending up in communication
Tuesdays: If I'm lucky progress on the current plan
Wednesdays: Issues from the last two days. Meeting with the accountant or some other business related issue
Thursdays: If I'm lucky progress on the current plan
Fridays: Something breaks down and the whole day is lost communicating

Remove some exaggeration. Actually things are pretty calm now with bugs and issues I think. Although I spent most of today with such things it looks good when it comes to progress.

2 kommentarer:

Stephen Carmody sa...

Is anyone still playing this game?

I've been waiting for something interesting to be introduce that actually makes it worth playing, but as far as I'm aware the only reason you'd play this game is if you're a masochist.

Alexander sa...

Yes. There is over 1.000 players which are paying 5 Euro a month to have their skills over 20 and travel between servers.

You can also play a free acount, but can not raise skills over 20 and can not travel between servers, and you start on Jenn-Kellon (Home Server) so you are not allowed to steal their.

Go to http://www.wurmonline.com to check out more, there is also a forum and more.