tisdag 23 september 2008

Bladerunner or Highlander?

Yeah, I confused the two movies in my previous entry. I mean Highlander of course and have changed the text (thanks Gurubear)!

On another note I noticed something interesting on mmorpg.com. Since the release of Warhammer Online, the ratings of ALL other mmo's dropped below 8. Warhammer Online currently has 8.9 in overall score. Wurm Online lost 0.5 in rating down to 6.8, and it seems every other game did as well. I don't want to speculate on why this happened - I just find it fascinating.

Hopefully it will have a good effect on our rating as well. It may be a bit unfair to the larger games such as WoW if they now will have a tough time raising their rating. Since we have so few votes our rating may fluctuate a lot faster. I don't know the effects of the ratings anyways but a sophisticated guess is that a higher rating means more people will be willing to try the game out.

Allright I had to check some facts out just when I had written the post. There's a nice explanation here: http://www.mmorpg.com/faq.cfm/showFaq/15 :) It was still interesting and shows the impact Warhammer Online had on the mmo community.