fredag 19 september 2008

Weekend update

This week I've been busy laying some basics in the client for atmospheric sounds. We're also finishing up assembling the client developer team. The latest two additions are Pryath and Serplat. There are three more NDA's out there that I wait for. When those arrive we will have a team of 8 client developers. It is a round and nice number, and given the applications I received I think that it will be a very creative and productive team that are able to make some really nice improvements.

A feature that soon will come is that you'll see the max skill achieved in the skill window so that you know if you're catching up from death or decay still or improving the max. You will also see the number of affinities you have in the skill.

I have kept the affinity system pretty much a secret but today I decided I want to describe it since it's been around long enough now for you to explore and I really want you to start hunting affinities. I invented it because I liked the idea of a Highlander type of feature.

An affinity is a bonus to skillgain for a skill. You may have up to 5 affinities for every skill in the game.
You may gain an affinity from another player when you slay him or her in pvp combat, given that the player is premium, has an affinity and is of another kingdom than you. Every player starts with but one affinity in something - it is totally random and could be rope making or body strenght. If several players are involved in the kill the person who got the killing blow usually gets the affinity.
Right now there is no end functionality for affinities - you don't become the One like in Highlander... Yet!

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