måndag 29 september 2008

New client update!

Today I decided to update the client along with the server. The client devs didn't really give their clearance for it and some features like the profiles weren't really fully tested. But the protocol had changed and I decided that the new skill window features were worth a few minor bugs.

You also now have to check that you agree with the End User License Agreement before playing. The EULA has two main reasons: One is that it's there to protect us as a company and the other is to make sure that everyone that plays the game agrees that things like hacking and cheating in wurm is not allowed and that we can ban at will for those things.

The first reaction we got was someone who asked if he didn't own his account so that he couldn't sell it. I want you to be able to make money off playing wurm. I think that it is your right. The Eula states that "you have no ownership to the account". This is correct. We own the server and the bits on it. It would be weird if you could make claims on that so we want to protect ourselves from it.

Wurm is a service. The password you submit when you launch the client is the key to the service. If you decide to sell this key it is up to you but we will take no responsibility in that transaction. That is how we try to draw the line. The discussion becomes theoretical and abstract after a while. But basically - we won't hunt you down or ban you if you sell your passwords. We don't provide any protection to the buyer either though since we don't handle those transactions but in clear cases we may still help out just to be nice.

Hope that clarifies some of it. Enjoy the updates!

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